You are all set to start preparing your sermon, and you want it to be great – not just good, but great! That’s why you need to spend time on creating a good sermon outline that can be the difference between success and failure.

Giving a good sermon make look easy, but it only looks easy because of all the preparation work behind the scenes. First you have to find the right verse or text to talk about. Creating an effective outline is next, and learning how to engage your audience with enough personality to keep it interesting are equally important.

Check out these sermon outline tips:

1. Taking the time to write a good outline is your first priority. Even though you may feel like you’re back in school writing a report for English, it will be worth your while. It will help organize your thoughts and make things go a lot smoother.


  • Whatever your subject for your Pregações Evangélicas sermon is, start by listing out your main points. Using bullets points is one way to do this. It is easy to check them over and see if you are covering the main ideas you want to get across.
  • Then you can add your introduction and conclusion. The outline will make it a lot easier to write your sermon and stay organized and on topic.


2. Another tip is to practice it out loud first. Even though this sounds quite obvious, you would be surprised how different it sounds when you said it out loud compared to just reading it silently. It will make it a lot easier to correct mistakes or tell if something just doesn’t sound right. You will also sound more sure of yourself in front of your audience.

3. Lastly, try to memorize as much of your sermon as you possibly can. Your congregation wants eye contact, and to feel like you are speaking to them, not your notes. You don’t want to lose them because you are constantly looking down. If you find it impossible to memorize your sermon, read ahead and make sure you are looking up often. The more you look up, the more you engage your congregation and the more they will be able to get out of your sermon.

You will feel much more self confident and be able to project this to your congregation if you follow these basic tips for your sermon outlines and presentations.

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