If you are a property owner with office space or hotels in your portfolio, then you may require the services of a facilities management company. Property investors may want to keep some of the properties in their portfolio as going concerns, but they either don’t have the wherewithal to manage these businesses, or they prefer to leave the day to day details of management to someone else. A facilities management company will run the businesses for you. They will provide cleaning and maintenance, catering and bar facilities for your hotel, and they will provide all that is necessary to run your office blocks at a profit.

Hotel Facilities Management

If you own a hotel then the people who come to stay at that hotel will expect a certain level of service. Guests will expect a clean room with fresh towels and bedding ready for their use, they will also expect room service and if any maintenance problems occur during their stay they will expect someone to be on hand to sort it out immediately. Hotel guests may not be too worried if a hotel does not have a restaurant, providing there is something suitable nearby, but most people do expect to find a hotel bar where they can relax with a drink in the evenings.

When a facilities management company takes on the management of a hotel they may be expected to spruce up the interior decorations and maintain both the inside and the outside of the building. The management company will need to supply reception services and offer other services such as babysitting and transport arrangements in some places.

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